Interport is the world’s leading sporting brand, with outlets all over the globe and their head office in Switzerland.

Detail Retail was approached to create an Australian model of the Global brand that could be retrofitted into an existing Independent network of sporting outlets.

Detail Retail created a dynamic fit out and introduced merchandising by end user.  Detail Retail worked with stores, head office and key suppliers to best display products to suit the end user. 

Detail Retail implemented a consistent brand approach Nationally to new stores and existing, working with independent owners with differing budgets and product offers.

The use of shoe display nibs through the store allowed for staff to serve customers quickly, with stock stored directly behind each mini shoe wall.

Dedicated areas, entrances and counters to service the womens and junior market. Detail Retail also worked with the local store to best display their feature category; soccer in Wetherill Park, Basketball in Bunbury etc.

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